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Research HUB enables everyone to become a teacher. You do not have to work at an academic institution to offer a course. If you are expert on a subject, you can be a Research HUB instructor. You have to make sure that you have enough materials for a course.

Research HUB has resources for registered instructors. After you express interest to become a teacher, we will receive instructions via email. While registering, use the same email address used in your PayPal. In the message, provide course name, your highest academic degree with university name, your current location and affiliation.
Step1: Apply online to become a teacher.

Step 2: Upon approval, you can start course design. As a rule of thumb, Research HUB courses have three to five modules, each module includes four to seven videos. Each course module must include a MCQ test with a minimum five questions.

Step 3: Instructor uploads course materials on the Research HUB course website.

Step 4: We sign formal agreement on course maintenance and revenue sharing. Usually, 50-50 revenue sharing is followed.

If you need support, please contact us at
Upon course material upload and agreement with Research HUB terms, the course will go live on the website. Although ResearchHUB will be promoting the courses through paid advertisements, instructors are encouraged to share the course on their networks and social media.

Earned course revenue is automatically shared to instructor’s PayPal account based on the agreed commission rate.